Ultra HD Test Environment

Whether it’s presenting the potential of Ultra HD, comparing encoder performance or setting up an end to end trial you will need to build an Ultra HD Test Environment. Xylostream has gained extensive experience of doing this from its ongoing Ultra HD HEVC encoding R&D programme. Your starting point needs to be a reliable baseband video player which is provided in a cost efficient package by the Xylostream XP4000. At the other end of the chain the Xylostream XD4000 provides a rack mountable decoder to enable monitoring and re-distribution of Ultra HD.


The XP4000 Video Player

For multiple Ultra HD applications, be it testing equipment in the lab or testing a transmission chain in the field, the vital first step is to have a reliable source of Ultra HD video. The answer to this problem is the Xylostream XP4000 which is an inexpensive baseband Ultra HD video player. Capable of supporting frame rates to p60, 8 and 10bit video and 4:2:2 output, with an intuitive GUI, the XP4000 is the ideal starting point for the development of any Ultra HD service. With the optional logo insertion feature allowing you to brand your content and the offline video split screen compare option, the XP4000 is a vital part of any Ultra HD development plan.

The XD4000 Professional Decoder

If you’re launching an Ultra HD service or setting up a UHD/4K test environment, then you’ll want to decode and review your premium content at the highest video quality. The Xylostream XD4000 supports all the Ultra HD formats up to 3840 x 2160 p60 at Main-10 and Main-12 with the decoded output on 4 x 3G-SDI. Furthermore, lab tests and trials frequently require a monitoring decoder for video confidence checking or for visualising picture quality. The XD4000 fits into any test environment where working with HEVC compressed Ultra HD is required.

The glue to make it all work

Xylostream has been heavily engaged with helping operators undertake their Ultra HD trials over the last few year. This work has led Xylostream to develop extensive experience of how to work with Ultra HD and hence the company is well placed to provide consultancy services to help you develop your Ultra HD service from ambition to reality. As well as the products that Xylostream has developed the company has also established a network of other suppliers who can provide other vital parts of any test environment, such as video analysers, STB based decoders, monitors etc.


Follow the link to download the XP4000 Datasheet


Follow the link to download the XD4000 Datasheet