Ultra HD Live Transmission Encoding

Live transmission of Ultra HD video at 50/60 fps and 10-bit colour depth has the capacity to wow your subscribers today. For a successful deployment the encoder must be selected carefully. Only encoders with sufficient processing power to deliver high video quality in real time and a full feature set such as support for HDR will deliver the wow factor viewers want to see.


Should operators deploy Ultra HD today?

Sales of Ultra HD TV’s have taken off. In all leading markets there is an installed base of Ultra HD screens with viewers confused as to why their pay TV operator or public broadcaster is not providing any Ultra HD content. Certainly operators must carefully consider when to launch an Ultra HD service but waiting any longer now, with all major technical issues resolved is a major risk. With some subscribers already turning to Netflix, Amazon Prime or other OTT players, a pragmatic approach is to service these customers with equipment that will enable a full spec Ultra HD service which is also backwards compatible with non HDR capable TV screens.

Excellent Picture Quality

Launching Ultra HD services today is all about preserving the wow factor of Ultra HD resolution, 10 bit colour depth and 50/60 fps through the delivery chain. Any production chain is therefore only as good as the final transmission encoder, where operators ultimately trade quality vs bandwidth. Unfortunately, some alternative approaches compromise quality because of lack of processing power to work on the image as a whole. Given that the purpose of launching Ultra HD is to deliver stunning premium content, successful services will rely on premium encoders with the processing power to preserve the full wow factor – exactly what the Excel 4000 is designed to do.

Best of Both worlds flexibility

Xylostream Technology developed the Excel 4000 to meet the challenge presented by Ultra HD while at the same time establishing a new software process to insure ongoing early to market development. The product is based on Xylostream’s proprietary HEVC algorithms running on a standard FPGA-accelerated High Performance Computer that has already been widely deployed across many industries. The processing power of FPGA's means the Excel 4000 achieves the Ultra HD quality target whilst the unique software development process allows both rapid ongoing optimisation of the encoding and speedy introduction of new features. Examples of features that have been added include support for temporal SVC to add backward compatibility to screens with limited frame rate support and support for VUI / SEI messages to enable HDR video to be processed by the decoder.


Follow the link to Download the Datasheet for the Excel 4000