Ultra HD Offline Encoding

With more and more Ultra HD TVs being purchased around the world and as increasing numbers of Pay TV operators and OTT service providers, such as Netflix and Amazon Prime, launch Ultra HD services, the need to create Ultra HD VoD assets is growing. Different solutions take different times to encode a video asset. Software-based encoders running on CPU / GPU hardware typically take many times the content duration. As content libraries grow to meet demand, faster approaches will be needed to make content available as quickly as possible.

Features / Benefits

Ultra HD VoD services are now viable

With the growing number of Ultra HD screens deployed around the world with built in HEVC decoders it now possible for pay TV operators and OTT players to service a premium niche that is willing and able to pay for Ultra HD services. The OTT players are leading the way but other operators are also starting to deliver Ultra HD VoD services. The battle is on and to make any VoD offer interesting, depth and breadth in the content is key. To that end, any operator wanting to be competitive needs to find ways of encoding more and more content and so cannot afford for the encoding process to take many times more than real time.

Offline Ultra HD Encoding doesn’t need to be slow

While CPU /GPU based encoders are able to encode Ultra HD, given their insufficient levels of processing power compromise have to be made. These compromises either appear as reduced video quality or very long encoding times up to 10 x real time. While the cloud has been used for encoding for some HD VoD services today it is not ready for Ultra HD given the huge source file sizes, leading to excessive file transfer times. To deliver a credible Ultra HD encoding solution a different approach is required.

The Excel 4000 delivers Ultra HD on demand

In order to deliver the volume of encoding needed for a compelling Ultra HD on Demand service an encoder that produces high quality assets fast is required. The Xylostream Excel 4000 is the perfect product for the application with FPGA based processing power delivering excellent video quality in real time. The underlying high performance computer platform has evolved from an IT background so the solution will fit neatly into existing work flows using standard interface protocols.


Follow the link to Download the Datasheet for the Excel 4000