Use HEVC to deliver your Ultra HD or HD services to maximise bandwidth efficiency

The Excel 4000 is the world’s first real time HEVC encoder and video processing platform designed to enable HEVC roll outs across your video delivery chain. The encoder supports resolutions from HD to the full Ultra HD specification including 4:2:0 / 4:2:2, up to 12-bit colour depth as well as HDR and WCG, at frame rates up to 60 fps.

The Xylostream Excel 4000 for Ultra HD, as it’s meant to be

Focused on 4K, Ultra HD
and beyond

Your Ultra HD service, be it a trial or your flagship channel, will demonstrate how you’re leading the market and innovating to give your viewers the best possible television experience. The Excel 4000 HEVC encoder enables that service by delivering amazing TV in Ultra HD resolution, 12-bit colour depth and with support for HDR and WCG.

Transforming the
TV experience

For Ultra HD, picture quality has numerous dimensions, which is why the Excel 4000 is now available in both distribution and contribution versions. Both units support the widest possible range of HEVC tools and handle frame rates of up to 60fps as well as HDR and WCG. The distribution variant provides a 4:2:0 output at up to 10-bit colour depth while the contribution variant also supports 4:2:2 output at up to 12-bit colour depth.

Planning for future
Video Quality Improvements

The challenge of keeping pace with viewer expectation and wider consumer industry product development means change is inevitable, which is why every aspect of the Excel 4000’s underlying High Performance Computing platform can be upgraded via software download. More importantly, Xylostream Technology is able to develop, test and deploy new features extremely quickly, based on the in-house automated software development toolchain.

Fitting Ultra HD into your TV delivery system is straightforward

The Excel 4000 provides industry-standard input, output and control features for straightforward integration into your TV delivery plant, whether it is providing a contribution feed or ultimately delivering to a Cable, Satellite, Terrestrial or Fibre IPTV network. The easy to use web-based GUI allows for fast set-up and management.

Excel 4000 HEVC Encoder for Ultra HD



Ultra HD resolution 3840 x 2160p at all frame rates to 60 fps
HD 1080p and 720p at all frame rates to 60 fps
4:2:0 : Main, Main-10, Main-12 profiles
4:2:2 : Main-10, Main-12 profiles
BT.709, BT.2020 (WCG) and HDR metadata
CBR bit rates up to 80Mbit/s
Multi-pass processing


DOLBY Digital and DOLBY Pass-through
Stereo or Surround 5.1
PCM audio pass-through


Input Processing

Bit depth conversion
4K to Ultra HD downconversion or cropping
Colour space conversion
Noise filtering
Logo overlay


Handling of ancillary data
Subtitles and closed captions
HDR Metadata (VUI, SEI messages)


Video Inputs

4 x 3G-SDI (SMPTE 424M/425M)

Audio Inputs

Embedded in 3G-SDI
Up to 8 stereo pairs

Control & System Management


Standalone web user interface
Front Panel Controls

Control Interface

2 IP Ports


Transport Outputs

Dual ASI
2 Ports, Gbe electrical

Power, Physical, Envrionmental

Input Voltage

100 - 240 Vac, 50/60 Hz
Hot swappable power supplies


Follow the link to Download the Datasheet for the Excel 4000