Xylostream Technology chooses KOBA 2014 for Korean launch of real time HEVC encoder designed for Ultra HD

 18th May 2014

Xylostream Technology, the leading Ultra HD compression company, has announced the Korean launch of its Excel 4000 real time HEVC encoder for Ultra HD at KOBA 2014 in Seoul.

Xylostream will be exhibiting the Excel 4000 with MeretaST on booth C325. Visitors to the stand will be able to see a live end to end demonstration of p60 Ultra HD video being compressed by the Excel 4000 HEVC encoder, feeding the Kai Media 4K decoder before the video is displayed on an Ultra HD screen. The Excel 4000, is the world’s first single slice HEVC encoder designed for the extremes of Ultra HD including frame rates of up to 60fps and 10-bit colour depth. By combining highly parallelised dataflow computing techniques with the company’s in house HEVC algorithms, Xylostream has been able to deliver a single slice encoding solution which provides inherent processing benefits and higher video quality for a given bit rate. This exciting development is made possible by harnessing the proven compression power of in-hardware processing while maintaining the speed and flexibility of software.

Ultra HD in the Korean market is gaining momentum with a number of operators interested in finding ways to launch a service as soon as possible. With new large flat panel TV screens incorporating HEVC decoding functionality about to hit the market, operators want to be ready to make Ultra HD content available to their subscribers both in on-demand form and with live broadcasts for high profile events.

The Xylostream Excel 4000 will be demonstrated to the Korean broadcast market at KOBA 2014 on the MeretaST stand. “We are really excited about supporting the Korean broadcast market with our market leading Ultra HD encoding technology” said Graham Cradock, Xylostream’s CEO. “By working with MeretaST we are also ensuring that our customers in Korea will get excellent local support for our products” he continued.

For a full demonstration of Ultra HD as it’s meant to be, visit Xylostream Technology on the MeretaST booth, C325, at the KOBA show in Seoul.

Notes To Editors

Xylostream Technology is a leader in HEVC compression focused on enabling high quality Ultra HD television through the delivery of real time, high performance encoders.

The company was established in the United Kingdom at the beginning of 2013 by broadcast industry professionals with broad experience in R&D, product development, marketing, sales and delivery across a wide range of businesses, including the compression space. The company is based at the Southampton University Science Park and is supported by the SetSquared university business incubator.

Xylostream is committed to ensuring that Ultra HD is a stunning consumer experience that becomes a must have service for all leading broadcasters. In short, delivering Ultra HD as it’s meant to be.

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