Xylostream shows ‘Ultra HD as it’s meant to be’ at NAB 2015

 31st March 2015

Live demonstrations of Excel 4000 real time HEVC encoder designed for Ultra HD

Consumers are purchasing today’s Ultra HD sets in ever increasing numbers, with GfK forecasting greater than 23m in global sales in 2015 and Strategy Analytics predicting that UHD TV shipments will account for 41 percent of global flat panel TV units in 2020. Xylostream Technology, the leading Ultra HD compression company, will show visitors to the NAB Show 2015 how it is enabling stunning UHD viewer experiences today, thereby helping service providers to offer their subscribers premium quality Ultra HD services. Xylostream Technology will be showing its latest Ultra HD HEVC encoder, the Excel 4000, at the General Dynamics Mediaware booth (SU6505) at the NAB Show 2015.

“With Ultra HD flat panels shipping in ever increasing numbers there is now an underserved market of millions of subscribers desperate for Ultra HD content to view on their new televisions. With the Excel 4000 encoder, operators can deliver stunning picture quality today, capturing those premium subscribers who otherwise would be looking to OTT providers, such as Netflix and Amazon, to light up their UHD screens,” said Graham Cradock, CEO of Xylostream. “Helping operators meet the needs of the consumer is our primary goal and the Excel 4000 delivers both the highest possible video quality and ongoing flexibility thanks to our unique approach to product design and development,” Cradock continued.

HEVC encoding for Ultra HD is recognised industry-wide as incredibly demanding on processing infrastructure. In many encoders, such as those based on CPU or CPU/GPU, compromises have had to be made in order to match the complexities of ultra-high resolution and the HEVC tool set, with the limited processing capability available. Typically, this is achieved by processing different tiles or slices of the image on different processors which inevitably leads to a reduction in encoded video quality. Xylostream’s new approach based on utilising a High Performance Computer (HPC) platform that combines the power of FPGA processing in an IT server, benefits operators and consumers alike by providing the processing power to work on the whole image, significantly improving compression performance. This platform offers a “best of both worlds” solution by providing the proven power of processing in hardware with the management and software flexibility benefits of a standard IT platform. In addition, the HPC is already widely deployed across a range of industries from oil exploration to genomics to high frequency trading in finance, where it is similarly applied to complex problems within environments that have been transformed by IT. For TV operators this delivers early, high performance Ultra HD encoding with the ability to add in new features and increased performance as Ultra HD and HEVC develops.

“The Excel 4000 provides operators with an opportunity to launch an Ultra HD service with the wow factor to create a compelling service today, whilst at the same time being ready for the exciting enhancements to Ultra HD currently being developed and standardised across the industry,” commented Cradock.

For a full demonstration of Ultra HD as it’s meant to be, visit Xylostream Technology on the General Dynamics Mediaware booth SU6505 at the NAB Show 2015.

Notes To Editors

Xylostream Technology is a leader in HEVC compression focused on enabling high quality Ultra HD television through the delivery of real time, high performance encoders.

The company was established in the United Kingdom at the beginning of 2013 by broadcast industry professionals with broad experience in R&D, product development, marketing, sales and delivery across a wide range of businesses, including the compression space. The company is based at the Southampton University Science Park and is supported by the SetSquared university business incubator.

Xylostream is committed to insuring that Ultra HD is a stunning consumer experience that becomes a must have service for all leading broadcasters. In short, delivering Ultra HD as it’s meant to be.

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