Ultra HD goes from Strength to Strength with Xylostream at
IBC 2015

 4th September 2015

Live demonstrations of Excel 4000 real time HEVC Encoder and first outing for Xylostream’s test environment including Player and Decoder, all designed for Ultra HD

Ultra HD continues to emerge as the next iteration of television, with higher resolution, high frame rates, High Dynamic Range (HDR), and wider color gamut combining to provide a stunning consumer proposition. To steal a march on their competitors, operators have started to launch Ultra HD channels around the world. Xylostream Technology has continued to play a key part in this emerging broadcast revolution and is announcing a portfolio of products at IBC 2015 to help operators develop and deploy their Ultra HD services. “Working with operators and broadcast equipment manufacturers to make the most of Ultra HD is our primary goal and Xylostream is now in a very strong positon to help, with the market leading Excel 4000 encoder complemented by a range of Ultra HD system products” said Graham Cradock, CEO of Xylostream. “Xylostream is the first place to turn for any operator or broadcast equipment vendor wanting to make progress with Ultra HD products or services” added Cradock.

For live events, the Ultra HD / 4K sports channels that are launching around the world are demanding ever improving performance from real time Ultra HD HEVC encoders. Recognising that some aspects of Ultra HD such as HDR are still being finalised savvy operators are also focusing on ensuring that their headends have the flexibility to add new functionality as broadcast standards develop. The Xylostream Excel 4000, the company’s flagship product, utilises a High Performance Computer (HPC) platform that integrates the power of FPGA processing in an IT server. This provides the necessary processing power to HEVC encode Ultra HD as a single image which significantly improves compression performance. This platform offers a “best of both worlds” solution by combining the proven power of processing in hardware with the management and software development flexibility benefits of a standard IT platform. For TV operators this delivers high performance Ultra HD encoding with the ability to add in new features and increased performance through software upgrades as Ultra HD and HEVC develops.

Xylostream has also been heavily engaged with helping operators develop their Ultra HD services over the last year. This work has led Xylostream to develop a range of equipment to help operators construct their Ultra HD test environments. The first product, the XP4000, is an inexpensive baseband Ultra HD video player, the first item required for any Ultra HD testing. The second is an HEVC decoder for Ultra HD which has been designed for multiple applications including off-air service monitoring, decoding for contribution links and laboratory use. “By adding the XP4000 video player and XD4000 decoder to our Ultra HD range, together with the know-how we have amassed from the development of the Excel 4000, we are in a very strong position to be able to help operators or equipment vendors to create a suitable test environment for developing their Ultra HD service or product” said Graham Cradock, CEO of Xylostream.

For a full demonstration of Ultra HD as it’s meant to be, visit Xylostream Technology at booth 2.A48 at IBC 2015.

Notes To Editors

Xylostream Technology is a leader in HEVC compression and is focused on enabling high quality Ultra HD television services through the delivery of real time, high performance encoders and associated products either as “white label” technology for incorporation into other players portfolios or as stand alone products.

The company was established in the United Kingdom at the beginning of 2013 by broadcast industry professionals with broad experience in R&D, product development, marketing, sales and delivery across a wide range of businesses, including the compression space. The company is based at the Southampton University Science Park.

Xylostream is committed to ensuring that Ultra HD is a stunning consumer experience that becomes a must have service for all leading broadcasters. In short, delivering Ultra HD as it’s meant to be.

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